Covid-19 Return to Church Plan

COVID-19 Return to Church plan

Dear Emmanuel Brothers and Sisters, the Lord’s Peace be with you!

This letter is to inform the congregation of the following protective precautionary measures in place for resuming community worship this Sunday May 17th, 10 am. The only door to enter EPC will be the sanctuary door. If you need to enter using the ramp of the fellowship hall that’s fine but please come right to the Sanctuary. For now, there will be no fellowship after church. Please do not hang up your coats, please keep with you in your pew. Once you enter the church please use provided hand sanitizer. Please use hand sanitizer again as you leave the building. We recommend wearing a mask. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you. Please take mask home with you, wash, and re-use each Sunday. We will not have greeters so when you enter the church help yourself to a bulletin, and find a seat appropriately distanced (six feet)from others. If you have offerings, there will be a designated offering plate located at the sanctuary entrance. Please take your bulletins and any papers home with you to discard. We will not be singing out of the hymnals. Kristi will have the songs and scripture printed in the bulletin. We ask that you leave two pews between you and the next person. Please sit with your families; or if you have already been with members of our congregation and feel comfortable sitting together feel free to do so. Please respect the personal space of those who may want to sit alone in their own pew. You may not have any fears, but for some, the fear is real. So please for now, no hugs or handshakes. Kristi will play piano and lead worship from the chancel where piano is now placed, next to the pulpit, and communion table is set. After church, Kristi will dismiss us pew by pew as to not crowd the aisles. Kristi will be the last to leave. We ask that once worship is over, please head outside and continue to social distance from others if you visit. We understand if you are not comfortable returning yet to church. Kristi’s sermons will be posted online at and Facebook/EPC. Continue reading Covid-19 Return to Church Plan

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