Other Highlights: Founding Members with ties to Current Members: The Krull and Wentzel Families

Other Highlights: Founding Members with ties to Current Members:
The Krull and Wentzel Families

Dirk and Etta (DeGrave) Krull, founding members Clifford and Esther Wentzel.  Clifford is the great-grandson of Dirk and Etta.  Lawrence Wentzel is the son of Charles and Hattie and the great-grandson of Dirk and Etta.  Dirk and Etta were married in December 22, 1875 at Freeport, Illinois.  They came to Dakota Territory in 1887 and settled on a farm 4 miles south and 1 ½ miles east of Marion.  They had 6 children.  On Nov 29, 1897, their oldest daughter Grace, married Reiner Dirksen at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church.  They were married by Rev. Witte, the church’s first pastor.  On Feb 7, 1919, Grace and Reiner’s daughter Hattie was married to Charles Wentzel at EPC by Rev. Noeding.  Charles Wentzel was a member for 57 years. His funeral on 8-27-76 was officiated by Rev. Dale H. Sams.  Hattie was a member for 65 years.  At the present time there are two great-grandchildren of Dirk and Etta that are members of the church, Clifford and Lawrence Wentzel.  One other great-grandchild, Verna Schoenwald, was also a longtime member at Emmanuel.  Her memorial was
celebrated March 11, 2014.


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