Photos of the church and manse through the years

Parsonage 1889-1913
Parsonage 1889-1913

Rev. Witte, our first pastor was promised he would be supplied with living quarters. This house was purchased and remodeled for a parsonage in 1890. An addition was put on this house in 1900. This house was sold in 1913.

Methodist-Episcopal Church

Early services were held in the Methodist-Episcopal Church for about 5 years. This building later became the Lutheran Church.


In 1894, E. J. Heetland purchased the school house. Church services were held on the second floor.

1899 Church

In February of 1899, the second church building was completed and dedicated. The first church building was destroyed by fire. There was an extensive remodel in the 1920s which cost $16,000.

Church and Manse, 1939

This is the parsonage and church as it looked in 1939 for the 50th
Anniversary. The parsonage was erected in 1913 at a cost of $3,250.

1940 Church

In the 1940s, the east tower of the church was removed. The west tower was repaired and the main entry of the church was shifted to the west tower.

1993 Moving the Manse

In 1993, the manse was relocated from the west of the church to the lot directly east of the church. The people of the congregation and the city of Marion all came to watch this move. In this photo, the house has been raised and prepared for the move.

2014 Church

After the manse was relocated, the current fellowship hall was built. This photo shows Emmanuel Presbyterian Church as it looks today in 2014.

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