3F – Faith, Fellowship, and Fun

3F – Faith, Fellowship, and Fun: A New Wednesday Night Tradition

Friends, on Wednesday February 11th, we’re going to start a new church tradition! For too long, Wednesday nights have been ONLY about the kids of our congregation. Instead of JUST serving one small part of our congregation, perhaps it’s time that we started coming together on a time other than Sunday mornings. Here’s the basic outline of what we’ll be doing:

6:00 – Gather in the fellowship hall for prayer and dinner.
6:40 – Move to sanctuary for songs and opening Scripture.
7:00 – Recreation time #1
7:20 – Bible Study
7:40 – Recreation time #2
8:00 – Gather in sanctuary for closing message, closing songs (if any), and closing prayer.

As you can see, we’ll begin by eating together. Then we’ll go to the sanctuary, where we’ll sing songs to God and read Scripture. Then we’ll have a bit of time where there will be activities offered: games (board games, card games, physical games for the kids), crafts, movies, prayer stations… even just some coffee and open space, if you just want to commune with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. After that, we’ll have a Bible study, where we’ll dive deeper into God’s word for us. Then we’ll have ANOTHER recreation time, where people will be able to try something different with their time – like even throwing together a choir to sing in church on Sunday! Finally, we’ll reconvene in the sanctuary, where we’ll hear a brief message/homily/sermon, sing a couple of closing songs, and close in prayer.

I really hope you’ll all plan on coming on Wednesday the 11th. This is not meant to be something “just for the kids.” It’s not meant to be a way to enlist adult volunteers to work with them only. It’s a way for us all to gather together in a different way than we do on Sunday mornings; a chance for us all to get together, share our faith, worship the Lord, and even have some fun with one another.

I hope you join us, because we look forward to having a great time! Praise the Lord!